Speciality Painting Projects

We provide special finishes and decorative effects that can be applied to new or existing painting projects, as well as to furniture or other interior design elements. Our experienced team has worked with a range of unique speciality paint products for many years and our unparalleled attention to detail means that we get it right every time.

We are the experts on providing our Brisbane clients with more than just a solid colour and clean coat of paint. If you’re not sure which finish you want, we offer speciality finish samples and comprehensive consultations. See up close what our team can achieve and see your unique ideas come to life in your own home or property. Unless you have experience using these products, it’s not always easy to know how a particular finish will look when it is applied.

Porters Paints: Speciality Range

Porters Paints offer specialized hand made paints produced in small amounts. A unique process of making paints allows our team of professional paints to apply these finishes to your home. The results are transformative, changing any space and taking your interior design ideas to a whole new level. We provide these finishes to the interior or exterior of your home or building. We can also apply these finishes to certain furniture items and decorations.

Other Speciality Paints

Keim Mineral Paint – Keim mineral paints are non-toxic and are made from natural ingredients including silicate, earth oxide pigments, and natural minerals. The mineral paint creates finite, breathable space between coatings that are large enough to allow the free passage of vapor but small enough to prevent the entry of moisture or rain.

Dulux DryErase – Dulux DryErase turns any wall into a whiteboard, creating unique spaces for brainstorming, planning, or just for fun.


Why Intercoat Painting?

Responsive Team

Our team of Brisbane locals is ready to give you the best advice for your painting needs.

Quality Process

Our proven painting process adheres to industry standards and delivers quality outcomes.


Provide us with a scope then sit back, relax, and watch our motivated team get the job done.


We have an eye for detail and extremely high standards for every step of the painting process.

A proven Approach

Our Process

Step 1: Scope
We thoroughly review documents and plans to determine an accurate scope of work. You’ll then receive an itemised quote from our friendly team.

Step 2: Schedule
After accepting a quote, we’ll go through the schedule with you and arrange an on site visit one or two weeks prior to the painting start date.

Step 3: Communicate
As painting time approaches, we will run through our process in detail with the site foreman. Together we will determine the optimal process to achieve the highest quality results for your project.

Step 4: Prepare
Once the specific trades required have completed their tasks, we will complete a top to bottom inspection of all painting areas to ensure that the necessary preparation has been completed.

Step 5: Paint
We will then apply the initial coat to all substrates, leaving the final coat to be completed after an internal inspection. This guarantees a smooth, flawless paint finish.

Step 6: Finish
A final walk through will be conducted in order to successfully handover the project.