Enviromental Sustainability

Intercoat Painting  is committed to being  environmentally friendly business that protects the earth we live on.

Low VOC Paints

Low VOC paints are lower in Volatile Organic Compounds thereby creating less emissions and less odour for the Environment.

We continually push to use low VOC paints throughout all our projects, ensuring to be environmentally friendly and offering premium finish. Our main choice of product would be the  Professional Enviro2 Paint.

EnviroSolutions System

By using the Dulux Envirowash  systems, our team of painters are able to clean our tools & brushes on site, while ensure no harmful chemicals are entering the local drains and will be disposed of in a safe and secure manner.

Envirosolutions Waste Paint Hardener

Envirosolutions Waste Paint Hardener converts unwanted paint into solid waste which can then be safely disposed.