Exterior House Painting Projects

Intercoat Painting are experienced providers of painting solutions for every Brisbane property, from Queenslanders to rendered homes. We also paint pergolas, gutters and fences so that you only need to have one contact and one professional team for all of your painting needs.

Our painters believe in exercising the utmost care and showing respect to you and your home from start to finish. We will closely work with you every step of the way, communicate with and provide updates to you regularly and set project schedules that minimise any disruption to your lifestyle.

The Intercoat Painting signature service includes a colour consultation where we recommend the best paint brands and colour selections to achieve your ideal final interior look. Then we get to work doing what we do best: using proven techniques that we know will get the best result for your home.

Home builds and renovations can be stressful enough, so there is no need for you to play messenger between professional trades on your worksite. When there are other trades working on your property, we liaise with them directly to manage the project and meet your budget and deadline.

Before any exterior house painting project is finishes – regardless of its size, a fence or the whole house – we conduct our own thorough quality checking process. This ensures that you can rest easy knowing that you have receive the best possible finish for your home.

Your Team of Local Brisbane Painting Professionals

Intercoat Painting is a proud family-owned Brisbane business that understands the way that Brisbane weather can impact your paint coatings, especially on your most exposed spaces.

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Qualified, Licensed and Insured
  • Professional Workmanship
  • Services for the northside and southside of Brisbane

Craftmanship and quality finishes you can count on

Leveraging our extensive experience and painting expertise, we have developed a series of preparation, project management and quality testing processes that ensure you get the best finish.

  • Transparent quoting process
  • Strict quality control processes that guarantees premium results
  • Regular progress updates from our project manager
  • Recommendations for quality paint brands
A Proven Approach

Why Intercoat Painting?

Responsive Team

Our team of Brisbane locals is ready to give you the best advice for your painting needs.

Genuine Service

Our family-owned business is dedicated to excellent service and customer satisfaction.

Quality Process

Our proven painting process adheres to industry standards and delivers quality outcomes.

Peace of Mind

Our service warranty ensures your project will be delivered to a professional standard.

A proven Approach

Our Process

Step 1: Scope
We thoroughly review documents and plans to determine an accurate scope of work. You’ll then receive an itemised quote from our friendly team.

Step 2: Schedule
After accepting a quote, we’ll go through the schedule with you and arrange an on site visit one or two weeks prior to the painting start date.

Step 3: Communicate
As painting time approaches, we will run through our process in detail with the site foreman. Together we will determine the optimal process to achieve the highest quality results for your project.

Step 4: Prepare
Once the specific trades required have completed their tasks, we will complete a top to bottom inspection of all painting areas to ensure that the necessary preparation has been completed.

Step 5: Paint
We will then apply the initial coat to all substrates, leaving the final coat to be completed after an internal inspection. This guarantees a smooth, flawless paint finish.

Step 6: Finish
A final walk through will be conducted in order to successfully handover the project.