Add Something Special To Your Project

If you want more than a coat of  paint, speciality finishes is where it can show depth of colour and character.

Not sure what finish you want? We offer speciality finish samples for you to see up closet what we can achieve and the possible ideas to the interior design of your home or project. Unless you have experience using these products, it’s not always easy to know how a particular finish will look when it is applied.

Porters Paints: Speciality Range

Porters Paints offer specialised hand made paints produced in small amounts. A unique process of making paints allows our team to of painters  to apply these finishes that can change your home. We provide these finishes on the interior and exterior of your project, we can also apply in to certain furniture and decorations.

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Keim Mineral Paint

Keim offer mineral paints are non-toxic and are made from natural ingredients including silicate, earth oxide pigments and natural minerals.The mineral paint creates finite spaces between the coating, these voids are large enough to allow the free passage of vapour but small enough to prevent the entry of moisture of rain. The high breathability paint enables humidity contained in building structures to be quickly released, avoiding moisture build up between the coatings and substrate, which avoids maintenance.

Dulux DryEarse

DryErase can create any wall into a whiteboard for a unique spaces for brainstorming, planning or just for fun.