Navy blue accented walls may just be that little bit “more” that your house or interior wall is needing. Navy is of stark contrast with white. All skirting, doors and ceilings should be painted white to give that brightness to the room.

How to compliment your new blue colour

Furniture wise, we recommend keeping it simple.

Black and white are good accompaniments for a navy colour scheme. While black can create that deeper mood and sophistication, white can add that breathe you need. When using these colours with navy, we recommend buying a white rug to act as a canvas for all of your furniture.

The bed frame and the bed side tables should be black to add the earth to the fluffier white. Their additions should be white; the mattress, the sheets, the initial two pillows and the lamps on the bedside table. We recommend an additional accessory of small white flowers on the tables.

All decorative pillows should match the blue wall theme in various shades. This can create an interesting mixture which breaks away from the darkness in the room while also tying in with it. To spice up the room a little more, you can add a black framed picture or mirror above the bed frame. You can choose one according to your own taste but we recommend a picture with various shades of blue, black and plain white for this contemporary look.